Introducing Pancake and Cadbury

Meet Pancake and Cadbury. We’re 7-year-old bonded besties now living our best life with our new family and Pupperdog team member, Denise. Adopted on 26 June 2021 from the lovely Red Dot Animal Shelter. This is our adoption story.

A yellow lab and chocolate lab adoption profile picture. They dogs are smiling sitting on the grass tide to a fence post

At the shelter

We were surrendered for re-homing – we don’t know why. We are not from the same litter, but we lived together our whole life and really, really preferred to stay together. Losing our family was scary enough, we didn’t want to lose each other too. We were at the shelter for about 8 weeks when Wendy told us that she had found a family who she thinks is a great fit and that they were coming over for a meet and greet. She asked that we put our best paws forward, because apparently first impressions matter.

Chocolate labrador and yellow labrador sitting and smiling with rock boulder behind them

The meet and greet

At the meet and greet we went straight over to the friendly couple, gave them a big smile and immediately dropped onto our backs for belly rubs – nailed it! Soon after then we got a good whiff of the garbage bin buffet around the corner. We promptly headed over for a little freebie feast, but Wendy stopped us in our tracks. Oops, so much for first impressions.

Yellow labrador lying on back, paws in the air with a big teeth showing smile

Adoption trial

Luckily everyone giggled and the friendly couple said they didn’t expect anything less from two Labradors on a diet. Apparently, we were a bit on the chunky side back then – how rude! It went well, and Wendy gave the go ahead for a two-week adoption trial. She said the trial is just a precaution to ensure everyone is happy and settling in as expected.

Smiling chocolate labrador and yellow labrador sitting together on balcony in the bush

Our new home

When we arrived at our new home, we were a bit uncertain, but after sniffing around and lots of belly rubs, we settled down for a much-deserved nap. On our first day there were a few shall we say “casualties” …RIP tv remote and coaster. I, Cadbury was still a bit stressed, and chewing helped a bit. I, Pancake discovered how to open the garbage bin (smart cookie) but got caught when the bin bag crinkled. Thank goodness no one was mad. Instead, they gave us chew toys and dog proofed the bin – there goes our freebies.

A chocolate labrador on the beach laying down in sand with a big smile

Happy and settled in

Over the months our bond has grown stronger and stronger and as a family we have learned so much. A friendly local dog trainer helped us build our bond, trust and ton-lead walk training. We are super proud of how much we’ve learned and continue to learn together. We’re extremely grateful for Wendy at Red Dot Animal Shelter for taking such good care of us and finding us our perfect forever family.